Re: ANNOUNCE: Imlib 1.2 officially out

>    Allen> 2) The Imakefile's are broke because you didn't include the
>    Allen> files you forgot to include last time and makedepend breaks
>    Allen> because it is looking for config.h [easy to fix, but
>    Allen> still...]
>Wait, are Imakefiles in there?  Raster, if you have the
>autoconf/automake stuff I did a while back, then the Imakefile should
>be dropped.

If they are, they don't work under Solaris using DevPro.  [Besides, 
enlightenment still requires the Imlib.def file.]

...and then there are my own reservations about configure.  Most configure 
scripts set the basic -O for non-gcc compilers, completely ignoring the more 
sophisticated flags that the commercial compilers are capable of, which imake 
*does* set.

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