Re: Compiling mico and warnings.

Kjartan Maraas <> writes:

Crap!  I just wrote a very interesting statement about why socket
*file descriptors* should be signed int's.  But as I reread this, I
release that has nothing to do with what you asked.  IMHO, the
situation you described should not suffer any ill effects at all.
Granted it would be better for everything to be the same (I believe
that bind(2) for example expects an int), but this size is much
smaller than an int.


I did it again.  Where are you finding getsock?  Do you mean
getsockname?  In this case the above still holds.  

Please read the post carefully before replying! ;-)

> Are the warnings I get about changed singedness while compiling
> mico-2.0.5
> harmless?
> The reason for these warnings seem to be that socket_size_t is defined
> as int
> in mico/include/mico/config.h and getsock expects an unsigned int.
> The warnings disappear when socket_size_t is defined as unsigned int.
> Is this the right thing to do? (Does it even matter?)
> Kjartan
> (Trying to get started)
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