Re: event-repl

Jay Bloodworth <> writes:

> I'm trying to grok guile-gtk and I can't quite figure out how
> event-repl.scm fits in.  I think I know what it is supposed to do, but
> since it's syntax and sematics appear to be different different from the
> standard guile repl function, I can't figure out how to call it to drive
> guile into the event drive r-e-p loop.

The program guile-gtk is supposed to boot right into this gtk-repl.

    % guile-gtk

You can get a gtk-repl from a vanilla Guile interpreter like this

    % guile -c "(use-modules (toolkits gtk)) (gtk-repl)"

I still consider this gtk-repl a hack and plan to use the
scm_internal_select hooks in the future.  That would cleanly integrate
Gtk's event loop into whatever Guile is doing, including running a

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