Re: Update the perl bindings in CVS?

At 01:40 PM 4/14/98 +0200, Paolo Molaro wrote:

>On Mon, Apr 13, 1998 at 12:21:45AM -0700, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>> Hi -- It's been a while since the perl-gtk bindings in CVS have been
>> and I was wondering if the person who takes care of that could commit the
>> changes.  The version in there currently doesn't appear to compile.
>What are your problems? Can you send the output of your failing
>BTW: you can use --with-gdkimlib and --with-gtkxmhtml in the cvs version.
>Kenneth uploaded Gtk 0.1.17 to CPAN: it includes my patches as well as
>many of the gnome widgets...

I have a problem with the version from CVS. If I specify --with-gdkimlib
--with-gnome and --with-gtkxmhtml, the gdkimlib part goes fine, because
imlib is under /usr/local. But gnome and gtkxmhtml fail, because they are
under /usr/local/gnome. I get can't find -lgnome or -lgtkxmhtml, etc. Is
there a way to specify a path for these arguments? Any help is appreciated,
since I am no perl guru.

M.Watson <>


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