Re: An alternative to MDI

> actually most of what you say is infact a window-manager issue.. one
> which I hope to address in Enlightenment after the 0.14 rewrite. I
> and considering ways of having virtual desktops AND allow you to
> drag one infront/behind the other... :) I COULD do this in X if I
> pull a few tricks out of my bag... The way to do "private screens"
> (which is what they were on Amigas as opposed to public screens
> which was workbench and you could open other public screens setting
> any one of them as the default) would be to ONLY allow mappings of
> window onto that desktop of all windows in the group of the group
> leader that has "woned" the screen. I'm sure I coudl tage "leader"
> windows with extar flags and allow butotns to be attached to them
> that will make the group leader own that desktop.. instantly forcing
> all mappings of windows NOT in that leaders group to be diverted to
> other hidden desktops. Now effectively we have that app and and its
> follower windows owning that desktop. Just as long as apps are nice
> and set their group leader correctly if they open lots of windows
> (ie like gimp) thsi shoudl work like a charm! :)

So would this require that all GNOME apps be rewritten to support 
screens (not that this should be a problem this early in the 
development cycle) or is it GTK that needs modifying? What about 
non-GNOME compliant apps?

Also, what would happen to applications such as the Panel? Would the 
user be able to choose to have it appear on all screens private and 
public or would it only appear on public screens?

> as for changing res/depth ont he fly.. no X cannot do that. But I
> could emulate the rest... :)

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