Re: ObjC in Gnome [was C++]

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Derek Simkowiak wrote:

> > The thing that C cannot duplicate that C++ has, as well as smalltalk,
> > Objective-C, and other OO languages, is the simplicity and elegance of
> > object oriented design, particularly inheritance.
> The elegence is the really the core of it, I believe.  My question
> is, why have people been using C++ instead of Objective-C?

You mean in Gnome or in general? If you mean in general I think it's
because of Microsoft's dominance and what gets taught in school. 

I don't GUI program but I've been reading some old NeXT Obj-C manuals and
I'm getting very eager to try some coding in Obj-C. I must admit I looked
at C++ a long time ago and didn't feel the same enthusiasm (and thus have
never learned it) - maybe I wasn't "ready".

My question is: which Gnome-App is coded in Obj-C - I know one of them is. 
I'd like something relatively small to look at for now (before I get in
over my head and start fooling around with GNUStep or something :-P) 

Graham Todd

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