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> > Now, to the content: he is correct and you are wrong.
> That depends on how you read the licenses. 
> > The GPL license is not compatible with the BSD license.  This is a
> > long known issue....
> While the BSD license does state that credit should be given, in many,
> many other respects the LGPL license is far more restrictive.
> "I know you are but what am I?"  :-)
> Obviously, I prefer the BSD license for free software, and you prefer
> the GPL license..

You don't get it.  No one is arguing about which license is better.  According
to the FSF, the author of the GPL, BSD is incompatible with GPL.  That's a fact.
(Old X11 license is different, if that's what Troll Tech meant by "BSD" so much
the better.)

> -Mark
> PS. My statement that the original poster look at the conditions where the
> Free Qt would become a BSD licensed product still stands... I think that

So be it.

> > Miguel.
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> Mark Mayo

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