Re: The KDE Free Qt Foundation (fwd)

> > Under the BSD license?  That will kill KDE since one cannot link BSD
> > code with GPLed code, and KDE itself is GPLed.  They should use LGPL
> > instead.  What are they thinking?  Also the BSD license will kill
> > Troll's commerical products too, since people won't pay if they can
> > use the BSD version in any commerical products.  Troll Tech should
> > reconsider the choice of the BSD license.
> How about you go and read the BSD license before making rediculous
> statements like this.... While you're at it why don't you read the
> above announcement and consider the circumstances where the BSD
> license will apply. You're lack of understanding is staggering..

Couple of comments:

	1. You should be nice.
	2. You should not insult other people when you think 
	   you have an idea of what they are commenting. 
	3. You are being particularly annoying.
	4. You are not contributing anything interesting to the
	   debate, you are just flaming.
Now, to the content: he is correct and you are wrong.

The GPL license is not compatible with the BSD license.  This is a
long known issue: the reason is that GPL code can not be linked with
code that is under a more restrictive license (and the BSD license is
considered to be more restrictive as it includes the "credit should be
given" clause).


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