Re: ANNOUNCE: please vote for the GNU Quicken (TM) clone name

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > The subject line is irrelevant, but the mail body must be in the following
> > format, with the data in <>'s replaced by the obvious data.  For the
> > <CHOICE_N>'s, you should use the *abbreviation* from the name choices below
> > (case is irrelevant):
> My favorite name is not included: gnickel (Mike Shaver came up with
> this one).

Somebody wanted a neutral name like "Bob", but of course that is already
taken -- so why not Bill?

MvH Janne                  Mr. Janne More´n 
(      Kognitionsforskning
046-222 9758               Kungshuset, Lundagård 
046-211 4973               S-222 22 Lund, Sweden

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