Re: GObject-based generic I/O

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 22:13, James M. Cape wrote:
> I talked to jody and walters about this the day before yesterday, and
> mmeeks about an hour ago, and started working out a writeup and
> GInterface setup. It looks like you're a little farther along, but I'll
> share my thoughts:
> 1.) GStream is a much cooler name :-)

Aren't you just begging for a namespace clash with something in GLib in
the future? It would be nice if we could get over using 'G' as the
initial letter for everything, but I can see there are arguments both
ways (against: chance of clashes; for: it fits in nicely with the naming
scheme and rolls of the tongue).

GIOStream? :-)


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