Re: Mime Type Analysis

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Kurt Granroth wrote:

> So (HUGE personal opinion, here), I think the best bet would be for
> the GNOME project to follow the agreed upon DES.  Now is a great time,
> too, since the VFS layer still hasn't been released.  There is already
> ample code in GNOME for handling .desktop files so that shouldn't be a
> problem either.

Putting MIME type handling in .desktop files is broken - there's not a 1:1
or even a 1:many relation between applications and MIME types.

The GNOME system has stupidities too, but it does have the advantage of
laying out the files in a format that more closely matches the ways the
data will need to be programmatically stored/accessed.

-- Elliot
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