[Was: about KDE/Gnome merge]

George Russell wrote on the gnome-kde-list:

> Define areas of common functionality ie help systems,
> menu structure, shortcut keys, rc file formats, WM
> hints, colour schemes, screensavers, locations for
> wallpaper, sounds, protocols for DND, CutnPaste,
> Session management,Data embedding, application supplied
> icons, a central application startup menu ( nested
> folders of links, probably) and standardise on
> them. Then implement the standards. Problem solved :-)
> Could be time to form a group to consider this and come
> up with specifications.  Like the LSB but limited to
> GUI interface standards for linux ( a super or a subset
> of KDE/GNOME standards as necessary)

Actually, this could be more than just specifications.  An open source library
of common configuration options could be devised to which KDE and Gnome GUIs
could attach to change the configuration.  Toolkit-specific stuff would only
show up in the particular toolkit's GUI.  Sounds like a cool idea for yet
another project.

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