Re: Daemon for managing dialup internetconnections

"Bjoern.Kahl" wrote:
>  (3) is no problem, I think. You may specify any command and its
>      parameters in NetMgrs configfile. We can use kppp to setup
>      how dialing works (which serial-port etc (I never tried kppp))

I thought you wanted to stay independent of the dialer ? Everbody should
be free to choose the dialer as long as it offers some interface to run,
e.g. a command line argument.

>      and use Matt Kossīs kmc-module (see his mail) to let NetMgr
>      know how to use this kppp-configured dail-methode (I assume,
>      kppp donīt hit the pppX-netdevice directly, but runs pppd in
>      someway (shell-script?)).

Yes. It simply launches pppd with the appropriate arguments.


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