Re: Registering apps with the menus


For KDE we are just reworking the menu stuff. We will probably add 
some other option to specify in which menu's the application should 
be added. (E.g. should it appear for all users or only for a group or
a single one) If someone from GNOME can post how things are done
in GNOME we might be able to keep things more or less compatible.

Waldo Bastian

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Pietro Iglio wrote: 
> >Have you thought about how apps should add themselves to the menu during
> >installation? Up till now it was enough to put the .desktop file in the
> >right directory.
> Using batch features of the menu editor (that I'll add).
> For example, assuming that the .desktop files have been copied in the right
> dir:
> kmenueditor --add Konsole.desktop MyUtils/Shell/
> kmenueditor --remove Konsole.desktop MyUtils/Shell/
> kmenueditor --move Konsole.desktop MyUtils/Shell/  MyUtils/
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Seek3r wrote:
> Is anyone working on a single function that can be used to register a
> program with both Gnome and KDE?
> So that when I create the make file or RPM of my prog I can run a
> command that will add my prog to bother the KDE and gnome menus. Other
> windows managers could be added as well.
> If there is no such thing in the works I will investigate writing the
> dang thing, but I am not the greatest programmer and the code may not be
> pretty.

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