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Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 00:18:08 +0200
From: Daniel Naber <>
Subject: using kded remote?
Resent-Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 00:21:14 +0200


all the power of CORBA will only be visible if we allow the user to
use remote CORBA services (including KOM/OpenParts stuff) as easy as
local services.

As far as I can see it, the following topics have to be discussed to
get it working. Since Iīm no CORBA expert, I may be wrong, so please
correct me in that case:

1. We need a public kded thatīs accessible via internet and that has
a non-changing IOR. That way we can put the IOR to a config file
thatīs in the KDE distribution. Is it (already) possible to have such
static IORs?

2. Everyone who wants to make a CORBA service available on the
internet (not matter if simple CORBA or KOM/OpenParts) should be able
to do so without running a kded. Thatīs already possible with
something like ./my_public_server -kdedior IOR:32423..., isnīt it?
my_public_server needs to be linked to libkded, but no kded has to be
running locally, right? The IOR would be the public serverīs IOR 
from #1.

3. The kded thatīs running on the userīs computer should not only be
able to use the local services. It should be able to use remote and
local services at the same time. It gets a list of public services
from the kded at #1.

4. Maybe we need some GUI to allow the user to browse all services,
remote and local ones.

5. In how far is this a topic for GNOME/KDE cooperation?

Maybe some of the experts can comment on this and say whatīs possible
already and whatīs in the works. And those things not yet started: how
difficult is it to code them - maybe I can help?


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