Re: Possible article on implementation of GNOME

Hi, Rajiv!

In contrast to popular belief (well, Dave Neary mostly) I'm just the
release organizer, not the editor-in-chief. That's Jim Hodapp. He's on
the list so I'm sure he'll answer as well.

Google says Jeff Elkner is the guy who wrote "How to Think Like a
Computer Scientist: Learning with Python" and who has a major role in

Your idea sounds interesting but I'm afraid that our readers may fail to
see a strong connection between GNOME and Jeff Elkner.

What I would find interesting is 'news from the front'; a short course
into selling GNOME to (local) schools. Not sure if that's the right
interview partner, though.


On Mon, 17 Oct 2005 11:43:20 -0400
Rajiv Vyas <r rvyas gmail com> wrote:

> Claus:
> Has anyone done a one-on-one piece on Jeff Elkner. Red Harring did an
> article recently in which they mentioned about his implementation of
> Ubuntu (hence a possibility for some GNOME plug). If no one has
> written about it in the GNOME journal, please let me know and I could
> do one for next year's issue.
> I live about 60 miles from his school so I could drive down or do it
> over the phone/email.
> Obviously, it's not news anymore, but we could sort of do a profile on
> why Ubuntu, GNOME and Free Software and also on Jeff Elkner who has
> been using free software in schools and colleges for the past eight
> years.
> Let me know what you think. Thanks,
> Rajiv
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