Re: Subversion on container (update)

On อา., 2005-11-06 at 01:40 +0700, Ross Golder wrote:
> - There is now read-only Subversion access to the modules (as they were
> at the point at which they were most recently 'cvs2svn'ed). The
> subversion http URL scheme is:

There was a typo in the apache conf that meant that this wasn't working.
Fixed now. If a module has converted successfully, and can be seen in
the viewcvs, you should be able to check it out using the subversion URL
above. Don't forget to add '/trunk'  to the end of your URL, otherwise
you'll end up downloading a copy of each branch/tag ;) For example:

$ svn co anjuta-svn-trunk

(anjuta-svn-trunk can be whatever you want the local folder to be
called, or leave blank to have it called 'trunk').

If in doubt, check viewcvs first:

I guess hackers that don't need bang-up-to-date code can always use a
subversion checkout to download/build and prepare patches etc. If you
need to commit the patches, you should be able to 'svn diff' your patch
from the subversion working directory and re-apply them to a CVS working
directory to commit. That might make some hacker's lives easier (e.g.
easier offline diffs). Also, it means we will stand a better chance of
spotting any cracks in the migration scripts.

Although it's still an unsupported service, if you find it useful for
developing your module, poke me on #sysadmin and I might be able to
re-run the 'cvs2svn' on ad-hoc modules from time to time on. I can't do
it for all of the modules, as it took the best part of two days to
migrate all the modules! I think I will be able to optimise this (a
little) for future full conversion runs.

I'll try to get the 'cvs2svn' guys involved to work out why some of the
modules are failing to convert, then we should be closer to being able
to do a live switch (if/when that is what is decided). Still got all the
post-commit scripts to look at converting (or find alternatives for),
and owners of modules that rely on inter-module dependencies (the
CVSROOT/modules file?) may do well to start considering how that side of
things will work under Subversion (I don't know much about that stuff



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