Re: Linux Centre, University of Latvia

Thanks for your offer to become a GNOME mirror server. I am CCing this
to the gnome-infrastructure list, who should be able to help.

On Tue, 2005-11-01 at 11:32 +0200, Raimonds Strauss wrote:
> Greettings!
> Linux Centre is a new structure in University of Latvia. Centre has
> established with aim to promote open-source idea, to become as
> open-source ideas' centre in Latvia etc.
> There are many things we are going to do, and one of them is - serious
> most-popular open-source projects mirror server. Since Gnome is very
> well known and popular open-source project, we would like to be Gnome
> local mirror.
> Thats why I'm asking You to send me specification what we have to have
> (space, network connection speed etc), plus if You could send some
> statistics (dynamic) about used disc space in last 1-2 years and some
> prognoze in next 1-2 years, it would be very great!
> Whom I have to contact to get this information with?
> Looking forward in cooperation,
> -- 
> Raimonds Strauss
> Projects Coordinator,
> Linux Centre,
> University of Latvia,
> Phone: +371 703 4518
> GSM: +371 943 6287
> -- 
> >From time to time confidential and sensitive information will be discussed
> on this mailing list. Please take care to mark confidential information as
> confidential, and do not redistribute this information without permission.

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