GNOME sysadmin summary - May 2005

GNOME Sysadmin Summary - May 2005

On Monday 2nd, '' was replaced with '' in the whois
data for '', after a server change by one of the independent
secondary DNS providers.

On Saturday 7th, Jonathan announced ''. He wrote up some
notes on the sysadmin website, and posted more notes on the
gnome-infrastructure list. Job well done!

On Tuesday 10th, a couple of people reported that one of the CVS mirrors
was out-of-sync since about April 26th. Ramons was contacted and he
fixed the problem. Apparently, the /cvs partition on that machine had
filled up.

On Tuesday 17th, German supplied a list of postfix header checks which
Christian applied to block the deluge of German nazi spam that was going
around at the time.

On Thursday 19th, Christian added a DNS CNAME entry for an independent
Indonesian GNOME community website -

On Saturday 21st, Christian added a ServerAlias for

On Sunday 22nd, Owen added a DNS CNAME entry at the request of Luis
Villa for an independent BitTorrent mirror, run by Seth Vidal -

On Thursday 26th, Matt rebooted the servers to apply some kernel

On Thursday 26th, Christian delegated the ''
DNS zone to a server at GUADEC at the request of Tim Ney.

On Friday 27th, Jeff added a couple of German-language mailing lists,
gnome-de-board gnome org and gnome-de-members gnome org, at the request
of Murray Cumming.

On Saturday 28th, Ross added a cheap crontab hack to keep the perms
on /var/log/httpd so that gnomeweb members can examine the web logs.

On Monday 30th, Ross built and installed some subversion-1.2 RPMs on
container, so potential migration tools (cvs2svn) could be tested and

On Tuesday 31st, Ross removed '' from the list of
secondary NS, as it is due to be shut down in a few days.


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