Re: Relocation of gnome servers [OUTAGE]

man, 20,.06.2005 kl. 15.28 -0400, skrev Owen Taylor:
> Currently the servers are located at the Red Hat headquarters
> in North Carolina. Red Hat's IT department is currently in the
> process of moving all public facing servers to collocation; this
> includes community servers such as the
> The current plan is to move the servers starting on Tuesday 
> June 28... the basic timeline is:
>  - Tuesday, June 28: take down servers, box them and ship
>    them overnight to the collocation facility in Phoenix, AZ
>  - Wednesday, June 29: mgalgoci will be onsite, hopefully have
>    servers up by the evening.
>  - Thursday, June 30: finish setting servers back up if not
>    completed on the 29th.
> We apologize for this outage.
I just announced my plans for a 2.10.2 release on the 29th and now
this?! :-)

> The GNOME sysadmin team is looking into what temporary services we
> can provide during the outage, but due to the complexity of 
> data migration that would be involved, you should assume that
> CVS, bugzilla, and mailing lists will be down for the duration
> of the outage. 
> So, make plans for working on stuff offline during the period.
> (In other words, we want to see really cool patches on July 1 :-)
Or freshly baked 2.10.x tarballs with zarro boogs!


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