Re: GNOME sysadmin summary - June 2005

On ส., 2005-07-02 at 12:06 +0700, Ross Golder wrote:
> GNOME Sysadmin Summary - June 2005
> =================================
> On Wednesday 1st, Ross upgraded a load of perl module RPMs to allow Olav
> Vitters to upgrade Bugzilla.
> On Thursday 16th, Ross noticed that menubar had gotten Spamcopped. On
> Tuesday 21st, Toni arranged a Spamcop 'ISP' account, and for reports
> regarding menubar to be sent to the GNOME sysadmin team (instead of
> 'sbranden redhat com', who probably ignores them!).
> On Wednesday 22nd, all the files on disappeared. Stric
> responded and found that some power glitches had caused the clusterfs to
> become unmounted for a while.
> On Wednesday 22nd, Ross fixed the '' aliases, by hacking
> up a modified version of the scripts that handle the ''
> aliases.
> On Tuesday 28th, the GNOME servers were moved from the RedHat offices.
> They were rebooted at the new colocation facility, in Phoenix, Arizona,
> on Wednesday evening (US-time). On Thursday 29th, Owen and Ross fixed up
> as many loose ends as they could find (updating IP addresses in config
> files etc). As I understand it, only CVS 'pserver' (on the main server,
> not the anonymous mirrors) is currently unavailable pending someone to
> investigate further. There has been a flood of requests to register SSH
> keys to 'accounts gnome org' :)

I should also add that we updated all the servers (except menubar) to
reject SMTP connections from outside the GNOME network. The idea being
that any inbound mail should come in via menubar, for anti-spam/virus
sanitisation first.


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