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Guilherme de S. Pastore wrote:
Em Dom, 2005-12-18 �04:11 -0800, C.J. Collier escreveu:
[snip huge quote]
Ah.  Yes.  Good idea.  Maybe I'll go read the wiki before asking more
silly questions, though.  :)

Uh, what exactly is the point of this message? RT is not running on
Microsoft (R) Windows (tm), it is running on, one of
the GNOME servers, which are all named after widgets (window, container,
menubar, label, button, etc). Also, it definetely does its job.

Do you have any good reason why we should spend time looking at eventum
or whatever else?

The main reasons in my opinion is the IRC integration, familiarity and a large feature set. Perhaps the features can be modularized and shared with RT. But perhaps this is getting a little off topic. I'll review RT and the infrastructure wiki pages before I comment further.

Thank you for the info about the names of servers. That certainly clarifies things.


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