Re: blog processes getting wild on

Toni Willberg wrote:

> Toni Willberg wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Could the author of the blogging scripts implement some safe guards
>> into the scripts. There are several processes couple times per day
>> trying to consume all our precious CPU power on :)
> It seems that nobody really takes responsibility of
> We ( Sysadmin Team) have spotted couple of fatal errors in NB
> scripts which causes nice busyloops and such..

I've done a few fixes to our NewsBruiser already, so I might be able to
look at some of the issues.  What busy loops in particular have you

> NB also servers all images trough Python script, instead of letting
> Apache server them directly off-disk. This has caused the load of
> window.g.o to be around 40-70 for several hours today. I hacked NB to
> nice itself to 10, this should help as first aid. Some people had lots
> of images on their blogs today which causes lots of extra load on the
> server due this feature of NB.

One of the changes I made to NB was to make the attachment serving
cache-friendly (send etags and handle conditional GETs).  Maybe putting
a reverse proxy in front might be the answer.


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