Re: Mailing list searches not working

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 13:11 -0400, Frank Solensky wrote:
> Hi --
> 	I was attempting to search the mailing list archives to determine which
> list my newbie question should go to, but I'm getting 404'd after
> entering my search string at
> "the requested URL /mailman/search was not found on this server".
> 	The same error comes up when selecting the "How to search" link.

It's a known problem. As far as I recall, due to the recent server/OS
upgrades, the (namazu) indexes used by the search engine have become
corrupted, and the whole namazu thing needs to be reconsidered. It's on
the todo list, but hasn't come up to the top of the list just yet.

I don't yet know who is going to look at it or when at this point, but
it is being discussed by the gnome-sysadmin.


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