cvs access methods

if this isn't the appropriate list, please point me in the right

i'm a member of the Gtk2-Perl team which currently uses sourceforge for
most of the project hosting. we'd talked about and would like to switch
to and at this point have decided to look into actually
moving. that being said one of the oft used sf abilities (for two of the
developers) is cvs through ssh. which allows us to get out from work
(behind a corporate firewall.) reading around i didn't see anything that
indicated developer access through ssh was supported, did i miss

on a somewhat related note, has any thought been given to
providing/using subversion. if provided svn through http or
ssh we'd switch in a heartbeat. we (a few people) have been using it at
work for a year and a half now and now find ourselves squarely in the
svn fan-club. it took us a few months to wrap our heads around what was
so great about subversion (other than the obvious features) but once we
did, cvs leaves us wanting.


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