Re: 21 gnome 2.12 po files completed

Today at 14:40, Pema Geyleg wrote:

>   We submitted 21 translated po files last week.
>   This week we have completed 21 more gnome2.12 Desktop po files.
> Its uploaded at
> as

Please apply for your own CVS account:

Also, please commit your PO files to both HEAD and whatever branch you
are using (eg. "gnome-2-12", "gnome-2-14").  We'll be removing Gnome
2.12 status pages shortly, so you'll again end up with completely
untranslated desktop, while you're probably a lot better than that.

Also note that there will be NO more releases from 2.12 series, but
another release of Gnome 2.14 is coming out very soon (April 10th), so
you should really invest your time in updating translations for 2.14,
so we can actually roll out a Gnome release with Dzongkha translations!


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