Re: String addition to gnome-terminal

Today at 20:27, Danilo Åegan wrote:

> No, allowing it in is a service to developers, while not harming
> translators (by skewing their stats, perhaps having their languages
> end up unsupported): localisation won't be complete, but in practice
> it's not important, since it won't be allowed for visible messages.
> Or do you disagree?

Note, I am not saying that my "decisions" are always right (btw,
allowing untranslated string is just a suggestion; the answer to
string freeze break was "no").  You are allowed to question them just
like you do! :)

On this concrete issue, I'd like opinion of those translators who have
a hard-time getting their languages supported at all (i.e. less
complete projects): they'd have many unimportant messages untranslated
anyway, so this would only be a stats hit for them, and by extension,
it may hurt their "supportedness" that way.

For the time I've been here, I have watched our string freeze process
evolve and change pretty much, and that's not stopping, string freeze
is there for US, so we can make it what we want it to be. :)


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