Re: string change in GTK+

On 8/15/06, Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> wrote:
I have fixed bug 351063, which leads to a changed string in 2.10.2:

<%s> element has neither a \"name\" nor an \"id\" element

is factually wrong, and has been replaced by

<%s> element has neither a \"name\" nor an \"id\" attribute

I have performed the necessary surgery on all po files to keep the
old translations.

Was that really the intention? By doing this surgery and
unfuzzymarking all translations of this message, the factual error
will continue to be present in the translations, and more importantly
you've removed the notification to translators that they should update
their translations of this message. So the translations will still
talk about elements, and translators won't notice.

If you had just left the po files as they are, the message would
become fuzzymarked, which is the signal to translators that they need
to update their translations of that message.

So, unless your intent was really to keep the old, no longer correct
translations (thus introducing new bugs), I would kindly ask you to
revert your changes to the po files in this case.



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