gnome-doc-utils and ug, so very close

The ug translation for gnome-doc-utils is one fuzzy string away from
being 100% complete.  I suspect that one string is really easy.

#: ../xslt/gettext/
#, fuzzy
msgid "<msgid>preface.xref</msgid> <msgstr><title/></msgstr>"
msgstr "<msgid>refentry.xref</msgid> <msgstr><title/></msgstr>"

Given how the ug team has chosen to handle other similar xref
formattings, I'm betting they just want this:

msgstr "<msgid>preface.xref</msgid> <msgstr><title/></msgstr>"

Really simple.  If I were to roll a tarball right now, I would have
to report 28/46 languages with 100% translation.  I would love to
report 29/46 languages instead.  I can wait a few hours, if anybody
from the team is around and awake.


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