Re: help to translation of application help files

Hi Vincent,

Today at 12:38, Vincent Untz wrote:

> Do you think we could make the switch at the beginning of 2.13?
> How will we be able to help?

I think we can start already, so to have it ready for translation when
2.13 starts.  I'm thinking of running another Gnome Love day where
we'd have people work on it with us (for instance, this weekend).
You've probably noticed that I've already created preliminary status
pages (though that server and connection won't be able to sustain much
larger workload we'll be expecting soon).

It shouldn't be hard at all, and there's already a guide which can
help with the switch:

Though, it was written before "shaunize" was renamed to
"gnome-doc-prepare" (it beats me why Shaun didn't like the name :) and
included in gnome-doc-utils, so that's about the only difference there

I was just planning on proposing something like that to Shaun,
gnome-love guys, and d-d-l (so we have developers support).  It's all
very simple, and easy to test (it either builds, or it doesn't :).

There are some other things we will probably want to do as well, such
as switch from entities to xinclude (that will help keeping documents
in several files even in translations), etc. but those are not high
priority (eg. it will work, but we'll get one giant user-guide.xml for
Gnome2 Users Guide).


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