Re: String change in gnome-applets locations

lör 2005-01-29 klockan 20:13 +0100 skrev Francisco Javier F. Serrador:
> I have made some inprovements in the Locations.
> Here I send you the changes

I found some of your changes confusing, since the names were seemingly
written in ASCII only. The names of the locations are supposed to be
written in UTF-8 and be written with the native Latin script spelling,
and thus include all proper Latin script accents and the like that the
native spelling uses.

That is, unless the location has a different and commonly accepted
English name (for example, "München"/"Munich" or
"København"/"Copenhagen". In such cases the named entries in should be "Munich" and "Copenhagen" respectively). But
even then, there should be a comment that lists the native name and

However, I doubt many of the locations listed below have such an
established English name. Even though many English sources may write the
names without accents, I suspect this is mostly due to just sloppyness,
and not that these locations actually have any established and different
English names. As a consequence, their names should probably be written
correctly right from the beginning, with the proper accents.

My comments are below.

> @@ -25211,7 +25211,6 @@
>       </location>
>      </city>
>      <location>
> -      <!-- There should be an acute accent over the first a in Malaga -->
>        <_name>Malaga</_name>
>        <code>LEMG</code>
>        <coordinates>36-40N 004-29W</coordinates>

Isn't the correct name of the city "Málaga"? In that case, why not
correct it, instead of just removing the comment?

> @@ -34110,7 +34109,7 @@
>        <coordinates>21-50N 082-47W</coordinates>
>      </location>
>      <location>
> -      <_name>Pinar Del Rio, Pinar Del Rio</_name>
> +      <_name>Pinar Del Rio</_name>
>        <code>MUPR</code>
>        <coordinates>22-25N 083-41W</coordinates>

Isn't the correct name "Pinar del Río"?

> @@ -34663,7 +34662,7 @@
>        <coordinates>14-44S 068-30W</coordinates>
>      </location>
>      <location>
> -      <_name>Ascencion De Guarayos</_name>
> +      <_name>Ascension De Guarayos</_name>
>        <code>SLAS</code>
>        <coordinates>15-43S 063-06W</coordinates>

Isn't the correct name "Ascensión de Guarayos"?

> @@ -34964,7 +34963,7 @@
>        <coordinates>03-51N 076-58W</coordinates>
>      </location>
>      <location>
> -      <_name>Cali/Alfonso Bonillaaragon</_name>
> +      <_name>Cali/Alfonso Bonilla Aragon</_name>
>        <code>SKCL</code>
>        <coordinates>03-33N 076-23W</coordinates>

Isn't the correct name "Alfonso Bonilla Aragón"?

>      </location>
> @@ -35299,7 +35298,7 @@
>        <coordinates>15-29S 070-09W</coordinates>
>      </location>
>      <location>
> -      <_name>Lima-Callao/Jorgechavez</_name>
> +      <_name>Lima-Callao/Jorge Chavez</_name>
>        <code>SPIM</code>
>        <coordinates>12-00S 077-07W</coordinates>

Isn't the correct name "Jorge Chávez"?

There may be more ASCIIfications that I missed...


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