Re: string removal in yelp

Shaun McCance wrote:
This horrible string is gone from line 228 of yelp-xslt-pager.c:

"The document ʽ%sʼcould not be processed. The file "
"ʽ%sʼ is either missing or is not a valid XSLT "

Instead, it says

"The document ʽ%sʼ could not be processed. The file "
"ʽ%sʼ is either missing, or it is not a valid XSLT "

But that string already exists on line 215, so this is effectively
just a string removal.

Unless I'm missing something, all this change does is take a grammatically correct sentence and insert a superfluous comma.

In the original string, it was clear that the second %s might not be a valid XSLT stylesheet. In the new string, it's not clear which file could be an invalid stylesheet.

# Adam

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