Intltool changes - builddir vs. srcdir and updating po files

So, for some unknown reason, aside from the fact that I'm a maintainer,
I decided to fix some pending intltool bugs last night, as many of them
had completed, or mostly usable, patches. I have a patch to fix most all
of the builddir != srcdir issues for doing make dist and distcheck. The
one bit of that I have not fixed, is the update-po rule which updates
all of the po files with the latest strings when make dist gets run. I
know that various translators and developers would like to see that bit
not happen, so I invariably just removed the dependency on that rule,
so that it doesn't get run for make dist. It now has to be run manually,
and will only work properly when builddir == srcdir.

If nobody has issue with this in the next few hours, I'm going to go
ahead and commit the patch in question, and do a new release. I plan
on fixing update-po among other things at some point hopefully in the
near future, to work much better. However, I think this is sufficient
for the time being, and makes "make dist" go much faster for large
projects like Evolution. The bug in reference to this mail is:

-- dobey

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