gnome-applets string changes (po-locations)

I have been tidying gweather/ Current changes probably
don't make a lot of difference to most people except to mess their
stats up with fuzzies: 

s/Nexrad/NEXRAD/g       (36 of these)
s/Gimli Industrial/Gimli Industrial Park
s/Marine Core/Marine Corps   (I love this one :)) 

There are some other changes I want to make too, once I know they're

  * Most of the airports are "airport", but there are still French,
    Portuguese, Danish and Icelandic (at least) terms for airport turning
    up in the strings. Should these be changed to the English in the file? Opinions? 

    (If so, a Danish speaker who can tell me whether Sydfynsflyveplads is
    "Sydfyns airport" or "Sydfyn airport" would be good, too.) 

  * I want to put this one in, too:

--- trashapplet/src/trashapplet.c-orig  2005-01-15 11:54:20.885773208 +0000
+++ trashapplet/src/trashapplet.c       2005-01-15 11:54:46.281912408 +0000
@@ -623,7 +623,7 @@

        if (! res) {
-               error_dialog (applet, _("Error while spawing nautilus:\n%s"),
+               error_dialog (applet, _("Error while spawning nautilus:\n%s"),
                g_error_free (err);

    Because it's annoying me :) 


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