Translating panel clock format

	In gnome-panel, translators can translate the strings "24" and
"24-hour" to "12"/"24" and "12-hour"/"24-hour" depending on whether a 12
or 24 hour clock is the norm in that locale.

	Unfortunately, its easy to miss the fact that you're not supposed to
translate these values like other strings, so you get the likes of:

msgid "24-hour"
msgstr "24 sata"

	Which neither the panel nor gconftool-2 can understand.

	There are comments in the po file explaining the situation:

 #. Translators: the only valid values for this are "12-hour" and "24-hour"
 #: applets/clock/

	But I guess its easy to miss that. I don't have any other ideas how to
make this foolproof, though.

	Anyway, I've fixed up all the translations in gnome-panel to have the
correct values.


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