Re: typo correction in gnome-system-tools

Hi Carlos,

On Thursday at 20:16, Carlos Garnacho wrote:

> I was trying to find a fix bug #314046 (it caught me in my vacations,
> and when I arrived the string freeze was already effective), so I
> created a patch for both the string with the typo and the po files. Now
> my question is... is this a string freeze break? AFAICT it isn't in the
> sense of "there's a new string to translate", but I preferred to ask
> here before.

Translation updates are coming quite often during this phase, so
committing changes to PO files is probably going to cause unneeded
conflicts for translators. 

So, while it wouldn't be NOTICED by most translators (those who
wouldn't end up with CVS conflicts), it's still a string freeze
break (i.e. imagine someone completing a translation based on the
frozen POT file since 7 days ago, and then either experiencing a
conflict or discarding the PO file on server: I am still getting 1
untranslated string I need to update).

> I'm attaching the patch, it's ok to commit it?

(Provided this string is really visible and important...)

Yes, you have my approval because you invested time to cater for most
cases and only a handful for translations which are in-flux will be
affected, but be sure to check all PO files since it's possible that
some translators already included that corrected string manually.


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