Re: GNOME keyboard layout indicator

Today at 13:18, Asprayama N. wrote:

> Hello
> I'm not sure am I posting to the correct place

You're not.  Look for the proper place at

Please do not post any replies to this list (I've set
"mail-followup-to" and "reply-to" to my personal address).

> For example, there is no armenian phonetic layout in
> Debian Sarge, but that layout exists in Ubuntu, Fedora
> Core 2 and higher, RHEL 4

xkeyboard-config is part of "modularisation" of X.  Most user-oriented 
distributions decide to ship it (it also provides layout name
translations), but apparently others don't.  Complain to Debian to
have it included.  Or help speed up the modularisation process, so
official X starts including xkeyboard-config (fwiw, no bugs are fixed
in current xlibs xkb repository, so xkeyboard-config is much better at
that as well).

> As far as I know xkb kayout files is a part of xorg,
> not gnome.


> I think that debian maintaners assembled gnome as it
> is distributed, and I suspect that armenian phonetic
> unicode layout is not included in gnome by default and
> added by smoe linux distribution vendors.
> If so, I want to ask is it possible to include it by
> default?

It has nothing to do with Gnome, but rather with your distributor of
GNU/Linux.  Try installing "xkeyboard-config" package yourself, or
asking Debian maintainers to do it for you.


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