Re: [gnome-love] gnome-keyring build inexplicably busted for me

On 8/1/05, Fernando Herrera <fherrera gmail com> wrote:
> Hi luis!
> I've just fixed the s% thing to %s on line 237 of ar.po.
> The two other wrong strings seem again to have 3 %s where original
> string has only 2, but It's not ovious for me which %s I should
> remove.

Thanks. There is in fact one less error, but it still fails, which is
hosing the entire tinderbox, still.

> Anyway I'm not seeing these errrors with intltool 0.34 from CVS.

In the tinderbox, intltool (as does everything else) gets rm -rf'd,
checked out clean, and built directly from CVS before every run. So
unless jhbuild's moduleset points at the wrong branch or something,
that's not it.


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