gcalctool, gnome-volume-manager status pages not updating

  I had submitted Oriya translations for the gnome
2.8 branches for gcalctool and gnome-volume-manager
on the 4th of September, but the status pages have
not yet updated, even though later submissions have
shown up. I just rechecked and everything seems to be
in order for the two packages: configure.in is 
updated, as are Changelogs, and both or.po files pass
"msgfmt -cv". What is wrong?


P.S. I am also a little confused about the new
     branches announced recently for various packages,
     e.g., evolution-webcal. How do I get to the
     status pages for the new branches?
     http://l10n-status.gnome.org only shows gnome
     2.6 and 2.8.

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