Re: GIMP is approaching 2.2

fre 2004-10-15 klockan 01:26 +0200 skrev Sven Neumann:
> Hi,
> I wanted to let you know that we are closing in on GIMP 2.2 now. At
> the moment I am doing the 2.1.7 release. The next release is going to
> follow in about two weeks and is going to be the first pre-release for
> 2.2. Starting with tonite's release we will try to avoid any further
> string changes by all means. There are a few core dialogs that are
> still awaiting changes but these changes shouldn't cause many strings
> to change. So you can assume GIMP HEAD to be in tentative string
> freeze for GIMP 2.2 now. By the end of the month, with the 2.2-pre1
> release, this will lead into a strict freeze.
> Thus I invite all translators to update the translations for GIMP
> HEAD.  You would make the GIMP developers and users very happy if we
> could ship 2.2.0 with a reasonable amount of complete translations.

Thanks for the heads up! 

This would give us a window of two weeks, am I right? That is frankly
not a whole lot, considering the amount of string changes - I'm happy I
started already last week :)

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