Re: Is it the time we switch to gimp-* to HEAD?


Funda Wang <fundawang linux net cn> writes:

> It seems that gimp 2.2 is on its way. Is it the time we swtich to gimp-*
> to HEAD?

I already announced this here several weeks ago. There will not be any
further gimp-2.0 release and translators should concentrate on HEAD.
I will be doing a 2.2-pre2 release tonight or tomorrow and you can
expect 2.2.0 to be released by the end of this month.

There is one plug-in (GFig) that is still being worked on and we might
have to do a couple of late string changes and/or additions in this
plug-in. The other part of the code can be considered completely
string frozen. Only if a bug-fix makes a string change necessary, will
it be allowed.


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