First Northern Sotho files committed


Just to let you know that the project has committed its
first Northern Sotho translation to Gnome.  There will be a few more
commits over the next few days.

It has been a pleasure working with the people of Gnome and reading some
very nice docs.  A real pleasure compared to OOo and Mozilla (sorry guys
but its true).  I've captured our learning experiences here:

Kind regards
Dwayne Bailey

dwayne translate org za   
+27-12-343 0389 (home/work)  +27-83-443 7114 (cell)

"It would be a profound irony if an earnest attempt to bridge
the digital divide unravelled because of prohibitive software
license costs.  Even with educational discounts and so forth,
the proprietary model does not offer the unfettered choice to
participate in the development or modification of the very
technology that can only increasingly become an intimate part
of any developing society as it ventures into a digital
future." - Dr Sibusiso Sibisi, President CSIR, South Africa - Opensource software for all South Africans
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