Re: Non-Western Math

Gora Mohanty wrote:
--- Michael Terry <mike mterry name> wrote: [...]

I maintain a simple math puzzle game (Multiplication
Puzzle - - you can see all
that you need from this screenshot: from which I
am trying to iron out any i18n issues.

I'm curious about how non-Western peoples are taught
math. Specifically, are they taught long
multiplication in a similar manner to the West?

It is taught the same way in India, and the puzzle
looks it should be comprehensible to a user here.

For better or for worse, Arithmetic manipulations in India (at least) mirror those of the English school. :)

Allowing localization of digits would be useful, but
as someone else pointed out, it might make more sense
to use shapes rather than English characters for

If the digits are to be used in *representative forms* as opposed to *calculation forms* it might be a better idea to localise them. If I recally correctly, the localisation of *calculation forms* is still a thorny issue.


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