intltool 0.32

Hooray. The latest version of intltool, 0.32, is now released and
includes many bug fixes and improvements. It will now work with
both AM_GNU_GETTEXT and AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT, and doesn't try to
patch a with a bunch of patches. Instead, we install
our own pre-patched It no longer requires the use of
mkinstalldirs. The AC_PROG_INTLTOOL is deprecated in favor of
IT_PROG_INTLTOOL, but both still work, to maintain comatibility.
All of the old non-working xml-i18n-tools bits have been removed, and
only the intltool bits remain.

The following bugs have all been fixed:

154063, 151017, 154717, 155294, 155843, 137029, 48489, 144715, 79598,
157298, 155842, 151508, 157278

You can download the tarballs at:

Also, I am pleased to announce that myself and Danilo Segan will now
be co-maintaining intltool, as we have been pretty much doing for a
while now anyway, since Kenneth has been dealing with non-intltool
things. :)


-- dobey

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