Re: Weekly translation status

lör 2004-05-22 klockan 12.54 skrev Danilo Segan:
> >> Translation status changes from 2004-05-13 to 2004-05-20.
> >> Average change during this period was 0.017%.
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > Is this calculated from the GNOME 2.6 or the GNOME 2.8 status?
> Gnome 2.6 till now—I just moved it to 2.8 (I hope it will work
> fine, but no time to test it now—I do gather 2.8 statistics for
> some time already).

Perhaps you could make it use GNOME 2.6 a little longer. It is the
stable branch and where "completeness" still matters the most. I'd love
to hear Kjartan's opinion though on whether there will be more GNOME
2.6.x releases. If not, we could switch to monitoring GNOME 2.8 right


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