Re: Localised pixmaps

Hi Stephen,

On Thursday at 17:47, Stephen Holmes wrote:

> Although good internationalisation guidelines would dicatate that
> creating localisable icons/pixmaps is a bad practice, there are
> occasions when it might be required.  Apart from the use of SVG's or the
> overlaying of text from a message file onto a graphic at run time, are
> there any recommendations on how to manage localised graphics within a
> Gnome application?  
> Specifically, where do "best practices" say they should reside on the
> file system?  /usr/share/pixmaps/<lang> or
> /usr/share/locale/<lang>/pixmaps?  I am aware of the $XBM... environment
> variables,  but are you folks doing anything different?

As of currently, there're no "localisable icons/pixmaps" in Gnome, so
we're not currently doing anything.  It seems you'll have to be a
pioneer in this area, so it's up to you to choose whatever suits you
and your application best. 

Actually, each application is doing it for itself (check "gcompris"
module in Gnome CVS which uses localised sound and image files, I

Of course, it might be interesting to devise a standardized and
shared way for "localised data files" (including graphics, audio,
video, perhaps even things like templates?), but it depends on the
amount of time you're willing to spend on it.  Anyway, this is best
brought up on lists, or maybe even on POSIX/OpenGroup
lists in regards to I18N.


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