Re: gnome media branched for 2.6

sön 2004-05-09 klockan 17.38 skrev Thomas Vander Stichele:
> I don't think Ted announced it when he did (and it tripped me up, I was
> carefully commiting 2.6 fixes to HEAD), so here's a heads-up that
> gnome-media has branched for 2.6 with "gnome-2-6" as the branch name.
> jhbuild's moduleset for 2.6 has also been updated.
> Now I'll go back to committing all the fun and string-breaking 2.7 bug
> fixes ...

Thanks for the notice (please note that the correct i18n list address is
gnome-i18n gnome org though). The translation status pages should show
the new branch as soon as they update.


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