gpdf string freeze breakages

There have recently been two unannounced string freeze breakages in the
string frozen gpdf gnome-2-6 branch.

The first one is this added message:

        #: shell/gpdf.c:546 xpdf/
        msgid "PDF Documents"
The ChangeLog refers to
but no warning of any string addition had been given to translators on

The second added message is this one:

        #: shell/gpdf.c:550 xpdf/
        msgid "All Files"

The same ChangeLog entry applies to this added message. The ChangeLog
entry is this one:

        2004-05-03  Remi Cohen-Scali  <>
                Fix for Bug #137952.
                * xpdf/ (gpdf_control_get_filename)
                Added file filters 'application/pdf' and '*' to
                file choosers.
                * shell/gpdf.c (gw_ask_for_uri):
                Fixed badly updated *.* in filter (must be *)
                * shell/gpdf.c (gw_ask_for_uri):
                Added file filters 'application/pdf' and '*.*' to
                file choosers.

No warning had been given in advance for any of these additions, even
though the string freeze is still in effect for GNOME 2.6 software,
which means that prior announcement and approval of string changes and
string additions is still needed.

Still, the patch and these additions look like they could be useful and
needed, so offhand I'm not requesting they be reverted. Kjartan might
not share that opinion though, I don't know his opinion.

Anyway, committing string additions and string changes in the stable
branch without informing translators is not only breaking the freeze,
it's also very bad style, and I'd sure like to hope it wasn't done


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