Re: new Urdu maintainer

tor 2004-03-18 klockan 14.40 skrev Shaz:
> I just joined the list. Basically I was looking into creating an Urdu
> version of gnome. The issue is that I haven't received a reply from the
> offical maintainer. Is it possible to start a new maintainer for the list?

Hi! I've also been unable to get in contact with the current Urdu
maintainer, Adeel Munir Butt, for quite some time now.

What we should do is assign a new coordinator for Urdu translations in
GNOME, but we should officially allow a week for the current coordinator
to reply first before we do that. So Adeel, in case you want to remain
the Urdu coordinator, you need to reply in a week from now --
preferrably also with an explanation on why you've been unreachable.

After a week has passed from now (Shaz, please remind me!) we should
otherwise look at assigning a new Urdu coordinator. Shaz, from your mail
I assume that you're volunteering for the position, but I'd need more
details, in particular your full name, your permanent email address, and
a link to a web page for the GNOME Urdu translation project (if you have
one or plan on creating one; it's not mandatory to have a web page but
it's clearly useful). If we make you the GNOME Urdu coordinator I'll
send you a request for more details after that.

But if you'd like you can, to save some time, start translating GNOME
into Urdu right now! What needs to be translated is the pot files on as well as the ones on the page. Once at least one of your Urdu translations have been accepted and committed to CVS, you'll get your own translation status pages at and respectively. Other instructions for translating GNOME you can find on

I'm also cc:ing this mail to Tariq who recently expressed interest in
helping out with a new Urdu effort.

I hope this clears up the situation a bit, and that we can soon have
some Urdu translations in GNOME CVS!


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