Re: NEW Team for Myanmar Localization

mån 2004-05-17 klockan 23.22 skrev Christian Rose:
> mån 2004-05-17 klockan 10.44 skrev Naing Winn Oo:
> > Dear Christian,
> >    Thanks for your reply, i had mailed to existing co-ordinator
> > Mr ZWA, Ko Zaw Win Aung zwassdt yahoo com since 5 days ago...
> > and still waiting his reply yet...
> > Hopefully he is not using that e-mail anymore or he had no more interest
> > or continuing work on it!
> Ok, so the current Burmese coordinator Zaw Win Aung <zwassdt yahoo com>
> isn't reachable.
> >    did he send you any progress report or his version?
> Nope. There are still no Burmese translations.
> > where and how should i collect words to translate for Gnome Desktop?
> > which PO files download url? so that we can calculate how much time to
> > take to translate!
> > for now, it is a must for us to develop a desktop for our Languages...
> > we need it hurrily for both our Thesis work and a work to present our
> > national language processing team!
> Here's what we'll do, since you were unable to reach the current
> coordinator.
> In case the current coordinator doesn't reply to the
> gnome-i18n gnome org list in a week from now, we'll assign a new Burmese
> team coordinator. If other people besides Naing Winn Oo are interested
> in the position as Burmese team coordinator, they should also let this
> list know that they're volunteering.
> Zaw Win Aung: Please respond to gnome-i18n gnome org as soon as
> possible. Unless you do it in a week from now, we'll assign a new
> Burmese coordinator in the GTP.
> Naing Winn Oo: Please remind me once a week has passed. You can start
> translating GNOME into Burmese right away though, so as to save some
> time.

Whatever happened to all this? Any new progress?


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